Watch Out For The Shallows

1 Apr

“It is not the length of life, but the depth.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I really enjoy cruising, especially transatlantic cruises where there are several days of nothing but ocean to see.  Everyone knows that cruising has its complications and dangers.  There are health risks associated with the norovirus and with the COVID-19 virus today.  The worst enemy for ships is fire.  The one that captains most guard against after fire, though, is shallow water.

When arriving at ports and when leaving ports, ships have to board pilots who know the waterways very well.  This is so the ship remains in the deeper waters and does not run aground.  A ship running aground could be inconvenienced until higher tides at best to causing environmental destruction and human death at worst.

All we have to do is look at the examples of ships who ran afoul of shallow waters to see the devastation to life and nature.  The Exxon Valdez broke open and spilled 10.8 million gallons of oil in Prince William Sound, Alaska.  The Costa Condordia struck a rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea.  Thirty-two people lost their lives and many others were injured or traumatized.

We are in a rather tough situation at present with the global COVID-19 pandemic.  The people that are going to have the most difficulty going through this time are those who are emotionally and spiritually shallow.  When we do not take the time to deepen our psyches and our spirits, we are prone to have all sorts of issues in life.

While we might all be challenged at the present time, we can make it through by deepening our prayer lives.  It is time to move away from the shallow waters and plumb the depths.  Perhaps we could learn a new type of prayer that will help us to focus more completely on the Lord.  Perhaps we could go out of ourselves by volunteering to help others while remaining distant from each other.  Some examples of that include making face masks for hospitals, rehab centers, paramedics, and nursing homes or volunteering to call fellow parishioners in order to ascertain that they are all right.

If we stay in the shallows, we may run aground and break apart.  We need to keep a depth to us, a depth that can only come about through a relationship with God.  Work on developing that relationship today.  You might have a particular devotion to God the Father.  Perhaps you prefer speaking to His Son, Jesus.  Or you might rely on the Holy Spirit.  Whatever helps you to deepen your faith today, do it.

FAITH ACTION:  Let your prayer go as deep as possible today so that you may receive grace and strength from God.