Two-Way, Not One-Way

19 Nov

“Prayer is simply a two-way conversation between you and God.”  ~ Billy Graham

There you have it, folks.  Prayer is a two-way conversation and not a one-way road.  Prayer is more than talking to God.  Prayer needs to be listening to God as well.  What’s that?  You say that God doesn’t speak to you?  You don’t hear Him when you pray?  Have you ever really tried?

It takes time and effort to hear God speak to us.  Time is the easier of the two to give.  We need to find a good amount of time to sit and listen for Him.  The second — effort — is more difficult.  It is difficult because we are used to conversing with people that we can see and hear.  It is harder to converse with God whom we do not see face-to-face.

But God does speak to us.  God speaks in experiences.  God speaks through others.  God speaks in a tiny, whispering voice.  And God speaks directly to our soul, bypassing our eyes and ears.  We have to be willing to hear Him through one of those means, however.  That is the more difficult part.

In conversations, as in most anything else in our lives, we like to take charge.  We want to control the time spent with others.  We want to control the agenda.  We want to control the response time.  But God is on a different time from us entirely.

Throw caution to the wind.  Go against what your senses tell you.  Sit, listen, and expect God to speak to you.  If you give Him the time and are totally open to the possibilities of His communicating with us, you will experience something wonderful.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure, in your prayer today, that you give God time to speak to you.