There’s Always Tomorrow

27 Sep

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life.  It goes on.”  ~ Robert Frost

There are some people who “live in the moment” in the wrong kind of way.  If there is any pain, if there is any anguish, if there is any worry, if there is any doubt, they will hold onto that pain, anguish, worry, or doubt and milk it for all that it is worth.  They will make themselves miserable and think that there is no way out of it.  They cannot see a future full of hope because they are in a present of despair.

They seem to fail to realize that the moment in which they are immersed will pass.  Time moves on.  Things do not remain the same.  Things have a chance to get better, incredibly better.  If we remain locked in that one moment, however, we might never see that or allow ourselves to have any hope.

I have had days that seemed to have lasted two or three years.  They sure felt that way.  I think we can all say the same thing.  However, if we gave ourselves just the smallest opportunity at any time in those kinds of days to look past the moment, we would have found that there was always resolution ahead, that things do look up, that all is not lost.

That is what we need to do when times are rough.  We need to remind ourselves — and sometimes that might take great effort — that life goes on, that things can and do change, and that we need to give things time so that we do not become mired in a present that is less than perfect, less than desirable.  If we can learn to do that, our lives would become incredibly easier.

Yes, Mr. Frost, life goes on.  Three simple words that we would do well to memorize and internalize.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God to give you the grace you need to look confidently upon all the tasks that you have to accomplish today.