The Power

27 Jul

“The power within you is greater than the power within the world.”  ~ Rhonda Byrne

When we are very young, the competition already begins.  It begins among siblings.  They vie to see who is going to be better, who gets the most attention, who can get away with things, and the like.  Children are always looking for ways to one up their siblings so as to garner the attention of parents.

They often conclude that attention equals power.  They do all that they can to have the power to control the family dynamics.  Some control others around them by being incredibly thoughtful, helpful, and kind.  Others control their environment by having the most obnoxious tantrums.

Sooner or later, though, we realize that we are not the center of the universe.  We cannot make things happen.  We are not in control.  That happens when our parents set their foot down or when teachers set the rules or when employers determine the policies.  We realize that there is so much over which we have absolutely no control.

That fits some people just fine.  The realization that there is no control over certain situations gives them the freedom to do the best they can and then move on.  Others fight for control every step of the way, making their lives miserable.  These are not the only battles in our lives, though.  There is also a spiritual battle that takes place in our lives.

If we win or lose control of our situations in our family, school, or workplace, that may not really matter a whole lot.  Life still goes on.  However, we need to win the battle that takes place in our spiritual lives because that has eternal consequences.

Some people become frightened thinking about the evil that exists in the world and that targets them.  They should be.  We can ill afford to abdicate the struggle or lose the battle.  We have to strive our best to move forward each day.  The good news?  We have the Lord on our side.  God will help us fight our battles.  He dwells inside each and every one of us.  The power — His power — is real and is made available whenever we ask.

Don’t fear the world or the power of the world.  Instead, take God’s hand and walk bravely forward.  He will be your buckler and your shield.

FAITH ACTION:  Do not fear whatever comes your way today.  The power to meet it and rise above it is within you.