The Beauty Of The Dream

16 Apr

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I have known many people through the years who have had marvelous dreams.  Some have dreamed that they would be big sports personalities.  Some have dreamed that they would be big actors, musicians, business leaders, and the like.  Of those, some have actually gone on to accomplish their dreams.  Why?  Because they stuck to their dreams and did everything they needed to do to succeed.

You see, we can accomplish great things but we can only do so if we actually get about doing it.  Simply dreaming about big things is nothing more than that: dreaming.  However, if we put action into our dreaming, we achieve, many times, even beyond our dreams.

Jesus had a dream.  He dreamt that people could live free from the bondage of sin and death.  It was a beautiful dream that He was willing to spill His blood in order to achieve.  Because of His death and resurrection, we have the possibility of going to heaven at the end of our days.  That is our dream.

We are not just going to luck into heaven, though.  We are not going to sneak into heaven.  If we want to realize our dream of eternity with the Lord, we need to be busy living a faith-filled life.  The dream is beautiful and the dream is possible.  But the dream takes work.

How much are you willing to put into your dream today?

FAITH ACTION:  Dare to live what you dream today.  Be the best Christian you can be.