Strive To Heal Division

20 Oct

“Not one of us can rest, be happy, be at home, be at peace with ourselves, until we end hatred and division.”  ~ John Lewis

Sad to say, division has always been a part of this world.  It is even sadder to say that division is a part of our everyday lives.  We have families that are divided, friends that become divided, work relationships that are divided, and even churches that are divided.

So many people think that their way is the only way.  That is a sad part of our human nature.  It becomes even sadder, though, when it is applied to the Church.  Jesus knew that His message would be divisive. It would divide people because some would think that their way of life was “the” way and others would claim that theirs was the way.

Whenever I hear the gospel where Jesus said that He had come to set the earth on fire and that He knew that it would lead to division, I think about the Civil War.  Remember how many households were torn apart, some siding with the North and others with the South? Many families lost one or more members in that way and some of those families never healed.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. If we follow Him, we will have the opportunity to come to Him for eternity.  However, following Him may cause divisions among others whom we love.  What should we do? Abandon the Lord?

FAITH ACTION: Is your house torn because you are a person of faith? Be a shining example of forgiveness and love. Live your faith in hopes of winning over those who have fallen astray. Be an example. Let God do the rest.