Spring Brings Hope

20 Mar

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.”  ~ Virgil A. Kraft

I am a theatre guy. Perhaps not as huge as some of my friends — I have one friend that goes to a few shows every week — but, at the same time, I really enjoy theatre. I love feeling the atmosphere in a packed house as the lights go down. I love sensing the silence build as people await the first scene. I love the curtain rising and the lights coming on to reveal the set.

Each performance is always a new one. If a person goes to see the same show, there will be something different noticed each and every time. Even the opening will be different. When the lights come on, perhaps one notices the large set. The next time the lights come on, a person might notice something minuscule on the floor. The next time, something entirely different. Each performance garners someone a different sight, a different perspective.

Such it is with today, the first day of spring. Very early this morning, the world was sitting in God’s theatre and the lights had been off. As morning drew closer, a hush came upon the world. Then, the veil of darkness lifted with the sun’s first light and a new day dawned. It may have looked just like the day before; but, spring had arrived and, if you looked carefully, you would see signs of it all around: trees budding, flowers breaking the ground, some flowers already opening to give the first color of the season.

Tomorrow will bring another day, a little more splendid, not much, just a little. The day after that, another slightly better day. Then, before you know it, there will be the bright colors and exhilarating smells of spring all around us.

How we see spring unfurl its sights and sounds is exactly how God sees us. We never show our absolutely full “glory”. All we can do is show a little more potential each day. Yet, if our days continue to show improvement, before you know it, we are in all our splendor and God can look upon us as we look upon His creation with wonder and awe.

God is an awesome gardener and just as He does with a drab and dirty world, God can do with us if we just allow Him to do so. It is never too late to start anew.

FAITH ACTION:  Give God thanks for the shifting of another season, the living of another day, the hope of another sunrise.