Rid Yourself Of Distractions

22 Mar

“When you put down your phone, it’s easier to lift up your eyes.”  ~ Wendy Speake

When I am on my free time, one of the things that I like to do is surf the web for wacky videos.  Some of my favorite videos are what they call “fail” videos.  If you have never seen them, they are videos of people who do something absolutely wrong and end up falling, tripping, dropping things, et cetera.  In short, they fail at what they were attempting.

Of those videos, I really enjoy watching cell phone fails.  They are hysterical.  In them, you can see clips of people texting and walking with their cell phones.  They are so engrossed with what they are doing that they walk into lamp poles, into fountains, off of porches, and the like.  They seem almost to be staged but they are, indeed, real.  People do that all the time.

“When you put down your phone, it’s easier to lift up your eyes.”  If any of those people would have been paying attention to where they were walking rather than to the phone screen in front of their face, they never would have fallen.  That is apparent.  What about our spiritual lives?  Does this have any application?  Definitely.

It is hard to focus on our spiritual lives if our hearts are fixed on the things of this world.  As acknowledged many times before, the world is filled with allures that take our eyes off of the path that leads to the Kingdom.  The world is also filled with promises that can lure us away from God.  This can be incredibly dangerous to us.

Just as a person who texts while driving can get into a fatal accident by not seeing the stopped traffic or a sudden curve in the road ahead of them, our souls can be lost if we take our eyes off of the Lord too long and fix them on the world and all its empty promises.

Distractions are not just a nuisance, they can be deadly.

FAITH ACTION:  When you are preparing to pray, try to rid yourself of as many distractions as possible so as to be able to focus solely upon God.