Remember And Appreciate

6 Jan

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”  ~ Cesare Pavese

We often feel as if we have been left out if we cannot speak about exciting days, weeks, months, or years.  Every moment of those time periods need to be filled with excitement and wonder, in our estimation, in order to be considered memorable.  Life doesn’t work that way, however.  Life takes place in small units of time.

Those who are in touch with what is happening to them each and every moment will tell you about a “remarkable” day that they may have had because, in the midst of an extremely miserable day, someone complimented them on a job well done.  It is not about the entire day.  That might not be good at all.  It is about a moment in time.  That single moment can make all the difference in the world.

When we expect our entire day to be spectacular, we will most likely be disappointed.  Most days do not develop that way.  If we hope for remarkable moments in the day, however, we will be more likely to recognize them when they happen and celebrate them when we see them.

Such it goes with our faith life as well.  We often beseech the Lord for all sorts of things.  We get into the frame of mind that our lives won’t be complete until God answers a laundry list of petitions.  In looking for everything to be answered, we will miss the individual blessings that come our way any given day.  Missing those blessings, we often fail to thank the Lord for what He has given us because we are still waiting for the entire package of blessings to be delivered.

We need to focus on the unique, individual moments in our lives.  When a blessing comes our way, we need to thank God immediately.  Doing so gives praise to the one who deserves it.  In addition, doing so opens our minds and hearts to God so that we will see the many other blessings that He showers upon us and become thankful for them as well.

To those who say that God doesn’t hear them or answer their prayers, I would simply say, “Look to the moments that took place today.  Can you see God in any given moment.  He might be hiding in plain sight.”  Recognize God in the moments and given Him thanks.  That way you will be able to remember those moments and appreciate all that God has done for you.

FAITH ACTION:  Recognize and be thankful for the wondrous moments that come your way today.