Quality, Not Quantity

8 Jan

“A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.”  ~ Zeus (Hercules)

Most businesses would be loathe to admit it; however, it often appears that they push their employees to the extreme to produce quantity and not quality.  It seems that business is all concerned about numbers and not about the quality of their product.  If a product is defective and returned, no problem, they have plenty from which to send a replacement.  Who’s to say the replacement will be any good?  Why should they be content knowing that they have “enough” instead of having superior products?

The same holds with the faith.  There are some churches that seem to be more concerned with numbers.  I remember, when I was young, that a local church used to have all sorts of gifts for people who came to their service.  If a new child attended, that child received a goldfish.  It was exciting but it didn’t really last because the next time the child attended, there would be nothing to receive.  Hence, that would be the last time that child attended.  Trying to lure someone in simply to inflate numbers is not, and should not, be the goal.

We often do that in our spiritual lives.  We think that we can razzle dazzle God by doing all sorts of good deeds.  If the deeds are only being done to get gold stars in heaven, those deeds are not really any good.  They are merely for show and do not come from the heart.  Twenty huge deeds could easily be supplanted by one small deed done by someone who truly wants to serve the Lord instead of doing something for recognition.

I think about the widow’s mite.  Jesus commended an elderly woman who put in two insignificant coins in the treasury.  That was all the money that she had to live upon.  Jesus said that she gave more than the huge donations of others who had given from their excess rather than from their want.

God doesn’t want flash.  God doesn’t want razzle dazzle.  God wants conviction.  He wants desire.  He wants sincerity.  Don’t try to impress God.  Instead, love God and show Him your love by serving Him in others.

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t worry about how much you can do for others.  Focus, instead, on how well you can do something for others.