Protect Your Identity

4 Jan

“Identity theft is a serious crime that affects millions of Americans each year.”
~ Ben Bernanke

That is very true.  Identify theft is real and it is rampant and many people are affected by it daily.  However, the theft of our identity is not only material.  I would maintain that there is another “identity theft” that we face and that is spiritual.  Too many people are weak in the faith.  They allow their identity of Christian to be stolen by the world and replaced by a slew of other identities: pagan, hedonistic, selfish, idolatrous, et cetera.

Make no mistake about it: Christianity is under attack.  This is certainly nothing new.  It began the moment Jesus Christ began teaching.  The world rejected what He had to say because the world knew that He embodied the truth.  The world, though, is steeped in lies and sin and cannot accept the truth.  It will do whatever it takes to subvert the truth.  As it does so, the world also attempts to subvert those who follow the truth.  Christians are in jeopardy because they are banner-bearers of the truth.

Just as people who steal someone’s identity do everything that they can to use up the person’s resources and, in the process, ruin the person’s good name, there are those who claim to be Christian but who are far from it.  They have appropriated the name of Christian but live such awful lives that they ruin the name of Christian for those who are legitimately trying to follow the teachings of Christ.  They are shams and liars but, to the world, purport to be faithful.  Those who are hurt by these charlatans believe that all Christians are like the imposters  who have harmed them and they steer clear of those who live the faith.

We need to rise up and proclaim what the faith is all about.  We need to live the faith with integrity and love every moment of our lives.  We need to be courageous and call out those who claim to be Christian but who are not.  We need to show the world that Jesus is real and that His love is abiding and available to all.

By faithful words and loving deeds, we can reclaim the good name of Christian that may have been marred by those who have stolen our identity and used it for their own devices.

FAITH ACTION:  Do not allow anyone to steal your Christian identity.  Remain solid in the faith.