19 Nov

“The first ever cordless phone was created by God.  He named it ‘Prayer’.  It never loses its signal and you never have to recharge it.”  ~ Unknown

I am guilty.  There.  I said it.  Yes, I am “one of those” who have become enslaved to my phone.  I just purchased a new phone two months ago because my old one wore out and was beginning to lock up too often, causing me to have to reset it.  I do not know what I would do without my phone.  My calendar is on there.  My contact list.  My life.

I am not one of those who are so dependent upon my phone that I text while driving.  It horrifies me to see so many people doing so.  Yet, I would have to admit to being distracted with an incoming or outgoing phone call (hands-free, of course, but a distraction nonetheless.)  We know the jokes about how young people get together and never speak to others in the same room because they are too busy texting them.  We laugh at the joke; but, you know what they say, most jokes are very much based in fact.

Our phones are not our only distraction.  We also have iPads, tablets, laptops, and a whole host of other electronic devices that demand our attention.  Each device causes us to lose connections with the world around us.  And, sadly, each device causes us to lose connections with our God.  We become so consumed with electronics that we forget to pray.

Prayer is communication with God.  It is direct, immediate communication that needs no device.  All it needs is an open mind and an open heart.  The connection is always present and God is always listening.  It is us who usually break the connection by hanging up on God.

How can we know what God wants from us if we do not ask Him and if we do not give Him the time and attention to respond?  We think that connections with others are so important.  We have Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and Instagram followers.  How many of us have forgotten to “Follow” God.  Put that into the device of your soul and check out His latest.

FAITH ACTION:  Be like E.T. and phone home.  You know.  Your heavenly home.  God is waiting to hear from you today.