Power Up

5 Nov

“Prayer is man’s greatest power!”  ~ W. Clement Stone

Power up.  That is the phrase that is often exclaimed by someone playing a video game and coming across something on the screen that will add additional power to the character.  Sometimes powering up gives the character extra weapons or powers as well.

Power up also has a meaning for our many devices.  How many times have you heard someone say that it was time to power up a phone or laptop?  That meant that the battery was getting low and the device was going to be shut down if a charge could not be secured immediately.

Power up is also an expression that many foods — generally breakfast foods — use to make their product seem desirable.  They imply that if you eat their cereal or energy bar or other product, you will have the power (energy) sufficient to face the day and tackle your tasks.

Powering up is on our mind in many ways, shapes, and forms.  The one powering up that many people tend to ignore, though, is the powering up of their souls.  Just as our bodies get power from food and game characters get their power from found icons, our inner beings receive power from prayer.  It is what powers us, sustains us, and emboldens us to share our faith with others.

It is easy to see the power of prayer simply by the lack of it.  There have been many times in our lives, I am sure, when we forgot to begin our day with prayer.  Maybe we woke up late and were rushing to be on time to school or work.  We might have arrived and found ourselves to be quite unsettled.  Our day may not have proceeded as usual.  Then it hit us.  We forgot to pray.  When we took a brief moment to pray, everything seemed to fall into place.

Prayer really is that essential.  It connects our souls with God.  It helps us to put things into perspective in our lives.  It keeps us going because it gives us strength.  Prayer is as important to us as eating and drinking.  Without food and water, our bodies would wither and die.  Without prayer, our souls would do the same.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure to begin each day with prayer so that you are ready to take on the tasks waiting for you.