Plant Seeds Of Hope Today

27 Apr

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Anybody can gain or accumulate.  That does not mark a person as special.  The truly special person is not the one who can gain or accumulate.  The truly special person is the one who plants seeds of hope along the way of his or her life.

That is the hallmark of living a life of stewardship.  The true steward is challenged to give as much as possible — time, talent, and treasure — in service to others.  The remarkable thing about living a truly stewardship way of life is that a person receives just as much, if not more, than given out.

Reaping, in that sense, is not necessarily a bad thing.  We can receive.  We can gain.  We can accumulate.  As we do, we need to make sure that we give out even more.  It sounds mysterious and, in a sense, ludicrous; however, it works time and time again.

We have been celebrating Easter throughout these past several days during the Octave of Easter.  Each day, we have had an opportunity to plant the seeds of hope in others: hope for resurrection, hope for mercy, hope for forgiveness, hope for eternal life.  Hope is a powerful thing.  It is a remedy and a balm.  It is something that provides incentive as well.  A person with hope is always more willing to share that hope with others.

Has God touched your life in more ways that you would ever have imagined?  I am sure that each and every person who reads this would have to answer “yes” to that question.  Sadly, the next question might not be answered affirmatively by as many people:  Have you touched the lives of others, sharing with them the hope that you have received from God?

While you might not have answered that second question affirmatively, there is still good news in that you can always begin to do so.  Don’t be afraid to get started.  Plant a seed of hope today.

FAITH ACTION:  Make every person you meet feel better about himself or herself today.