Oppression Is Nothing New

18 Jul

The Pharisees went out and took counsel against Jesus
to put him to death.  When Jesus realized this, he withdrew
from that place.  (Mt 12:14-15a)

Much is being said about the violence Christians are being met with throughout the world.  This violence is certainly nothing new.

Violence against God’s word has taken place throughout recorded history.  The prophets were entrusted with God’s word and the bulk of the prophets were put to death for communicating God’s word.

Finally, God’s Word, Himself, appeared in human flesh and He spoke to His people a message of peace and love.  He was met with violence.  Many plotted to put Him to death and, ultimately, they succeeded on their plans.

We have thousands of years of recorded violence against the word of God.  We could look at those facts and decide to shy away from proclaiming God’s holy word.  Or, we could go out into the world and let people know that God exists and that He expects something from them.

Personally, I would rather be put to death for adhering to God’s word rather than to die knowing that I was not faithful to God.  Of course, I would hope — as I think we all would — that death would not have to be necessary.

Each of us, though, need to ask ourselves, “How far are we willing to go for the Lord?”

This world desperately needs to hear about God.  This world needs to know that Jesus gave us Ten Commandments, not ten suggestions.  This world needs to know that there is an immortal price that is paid when someone rejects God.  This world needs to know that Jesus has shed His blood for us and given us the chance to reject sin and return to God.

The world needs to hear so much.

God needs our voices to tell the world.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God for the grace and the courage to proclaim the Good News by word and deed.  And pray for persecuted Christians throughout the world.