10 Aug

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  ~ Seneca

This is definitely the “time of year”.  This morning, our faculty will be gathering together to work on the beginning of another school year. (Our first day of school is next Wednesday, August 15.) I know many a parishioner who has returned to college for another year or for their first year.  This time of summer is always filled with people making transitions in their lives.

The new beginning being made can be filled with much emotion.  There is fear, anxiety, and trepidation on the negative side as well as excitement, challenge, and exhilaration on the positive side.  Change is going to come about and that change, while uncomfortable, can lead to much growth.

We are all in transition in life.  Each day is a new day with a new opportunity.  Each day is built upon the day before.  If we did things right the day before, the new day will be less difficult and more exciting.  If we did not plan well and do things right, the new day will be less exhilarating and more scary.  It all goes into what we put into our preparation.

Being a priest for a little over thirty-five years now, I have seen people reach the end of their lives at all sorts of levels.  Some of been very frightened because they know that they did not live their lives as well as they should.  They did not live as Christ would have liked.  They may have been pretty bad in life.  As the end comes about, they become fearful because they are not sure what God will say to them.

Then there are those who come toward the end of their lives confident and unafraid because they know that they did the best that they could have done.  Sure, they may have been able to do things differently, to do things better.  However, they tried to live the kind of life God would be pleased to see.  They greet their time to move on confidently and unafraid.

We are all moving through life.  Some days throw curve balls at us, some days are more difficult than others, but all days can be met with confidence if the days preceding were done correctly.  Today, well lived, will give you a reason to have no fear about what comes next.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray for all those who are transitioning and moving on to new phases in their lives that they may be confident and unafraid.