No God, No Happiness

23 Nov

“God can’t give us peace and happiness apart from Himself because there is no such thing.”  ~ C.S. Lewis

It takes many of us years and years to understand that the world, no matter its promises, cannot provide or guarantee happiness.  It might look like it for a while; however, all that the world has eventually tarnishes and we see it for what it is:  false promise and false hope.  As I said, it takes many of us years to understand that.  For some, they never do and that is a terrible thing.

There are those who think that wealth will provide happiness because they would be able to purchase whatever they wanted to buy.  Yet, as soon as they purchase something, they set their eyes to something else.  All the wealth of the world would not satisfy their cravings for more.

There are those who think fame will provide ultimate happiness.  How many famous people have stated that they wished no one knew who there were?  They do all that they can to be unrecognized, even for a brief moment, because their fame brings them unwanted attention.

There are those who think that fulfilling sensory desires with sex or drugs will provide happiness.  They soon crash and often find that, in the process of their own physical pursuits, they have destroyed their lives and the lives of family and friends.  Instead of having happiness, they find that they have lost everything.

All of the people mentioned above sought happiness through things of the world or of the flesh.  Happiness does not reside there.  Happiness can only be received from God.  He is the provider of peace and happiness.  God, alone, can give us what we truly need.

If we would quit searching for happiness in the things of this world and, instead, looked to God, we would have happiness while we engage in the world.  That happiness would not be taken away from us and when we come to our heavenly home, it will be perfected.

FAITH ACTION:  Set some tasks aside, get yourself comfortable, and spend quality time with God in prayer today.