10 May

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.”  ~ Unknown

Mothers.  Some people speak about mothers as precious individuals that give life and love.  Others speak about mothers as pestering, nosey individuals.  Still others speak about mothers as necessary evils.  I have always felt sorry for those whose relationships with their mothers are not good because motherhood is so very important in our lives.

Mothers are people who love their children unconditionally.  I can still remember “the look” that my mother gave us four boys from time to time in our lives when she would hear about particular things said or done.  That look was one that reflected incredulity, shock, or anger.  Yet, shortly after that look, we could also see her face changing as she gave us the follow-up look that said that she was going to do all that she could for us and that she loved us even if we messed up.

The look that I never wanted to see on her face was the look of disappointment or hurt over something said or done.  There is a particular pain/shame that goes into the realization that we have hurt or disappointed our mothers, isn’t there?

Today, we remember our mothers.  (Don’t worry dads.  You will get your turn next month.)  We thank God for the many ways that they loved, taught, and sustained us throughout the years. We thank God for the ways they may have inspired us and for their unconditional support and love.

As I acknowledge every year, I am aware that not all people feel the same towards their mothers.  Not all have had the same positive experiences with their mothers.  Not all have the love or support that they need.  This is the day to pray for our mothers that might not have done all that they could do for their children.  With all the books written, motherhood is still, very much, a “make it up as you go” endeavor.

Still others grieve the loss of their mothers.  Some might have lost their mothers at an early age.  Some, later in life.  The pain of that loss is felt more keenly on days when everyone else is celebrating their mothers.  We pray for all mothers who have passed away and whose spouses and children still grieve their loss.

Motherhood might be a mixed bag but, let’s face it, without mothers, none of us would be around.  We pray for our mothers — saintly or flawed, present or absent — this day and ask God to keep them in His loving care here or in His heavenly kingdom.

FAITH ACTION:  Pray that all mothers and mothers-to-be experience God’s love for them today.