Manifested To The World

8 Jan

“The well-known biblical story of the Magi who journey to find the Christ child and to bring gifts offers an emblematic story of knowing. They are not called wise men for nothing! nor is it a meaningless accident that we use the word epiphany in referring to a moment of insight.  Epiphany is the name of the church season in which we celebrate God’s revealing himself to these Gentiles—and to us.” ~ Esther Lightcap Meek, A Little Manual for Knowing

God is a God for all people.  No one holds an exclusive claim to Him.  This is a message that Jesus delivered to the people on several occasions.  The people felt that the Messiah — and His mission and gifts — belonged solely to the “promised people” of God.  Jesus burst their bubble many times when He said that He came for all people and that the shepherd has sheep that do not belong to the present flock.

This message was not only delivered by Jesus, it was delivered by His Father as well when, by the means of a new star, outsiders were guided to the newborn King.  The Magi may have been powerful people.  They may have been influential people.  They may have been wealthy people.  However, the did not “belong” to those called the promised people as they were Gentiles, outsiders, or, as some would even refer to them, enemies.

The Magi did not bother with any of the things that would separate one from another. They saw a new star, researched what it heralded, and traveled through lands that were not their own all so that they could welcome and worship a new King.

The gifts that they brought the child were substantial.  There were not insignificant gifts.  No.  They were gifts that had great meaning both at the time as well as heralding portents of Jesus’ future.

The Magi searched until they found.  They presented their gifts and worshipped the new King.  Then, they returned home with tales of what they had seen and heard.

Jesus still manifests Himself to us in our daily experiences as well as in the people we encounter.  It is now up to us to recognize Him and show Him to others by our example.

FAITH ACTION:  Celebrate the Lord in your midst and share your faith with others joyfully.