Look For Christ

13 May

“Look for yourself and you will find loneliness and despair.  But look for Christ and you will find Him and everything else.”  ~ C.S. Lewis

In June of 1980, the song “Lookin’ for Love” came out.  It was performed by Johnny Lee and released as part of the soundtrack for the movie Urban Cowboy.  It spoke about a search for love that was never satisfied because the searcher was looking in all the wrong places.

C.S. Lewis speaks about the same kind of thing in terms of a spiritual quest.  He reminds us that, if we look for ourselves, we will find only loneliness and despair.  That is because we would be doing nothing but trying to gratify our own wishes, dreams, and aspirations.  However, if we shift the focus of our lifelong search and look for Christ, everything will fall into place because, when we find Christ, we find ourselves and can make sense of all that surrounds us.

This is a lifelong struggle for humans.  We begin hearing that message from a very early age.  Our parents tell us not to be selfish.  They encourage us to share.  They do everything they can do to help us interact with others rather than trying to impose ourselves on others.  This is a lesson that needs to be learned but one that is not learned by all.

If we learned the lesson, we find it much easier to get along in life.  We find it much easier to open ourselves up to others and, therefore, to open ourselves up to God.  If we do not learn the lesson, however, we spend our lives trying to impose our own terms on others and on God.  That will never work and will only leave us feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

We are social beings.  There is no escaping that.  We were made for one another and we need to learn that and embrace that.  This is a crucial thing to learn.  We were made for one another because we were made for God.  If we cannot open ourselves up to others, we will never open ourselves up to God.

FAITH ACTION:  Look for God today.  You can find Him in your interactions with others.