Listen To Others

10 Jun

“You never really learn much from hearing yourself speak.”  ~ George Clooney

I know some people who are the smartest, most intelligent, and most creative people in the world.  How do I know that?  They told me, of course.  Yes, I, as I am sure you as well, know many people who cannot stop talking.  They love talking about a whole host of things, including themselves.  The more they talk, they more I am convinced that they have no idea what is going on.  (Of course, there are those occasional rare chatterboxes that really do know everything but they are the exception, not the rule.)

I think so many people yack, yack, yack because they feel inferior.  Talking gives them the opportunity to assert themselves and their positions.  The downside to that is that talking denies them the opportunity to hear from others who might know more and who might be able to help them.

The fact of the matter is that we are never going to know it all.  We might become proficient in one or two, maybe even several areas, of our lives but there will still be others who know things that we don’t know and who can do things better than we can do.  It’s not a weakness to admit that we don’t know or that we need help.  In fact, it’s a strength.

We can learn so much from watching others, listening to others, and asking others for help.  When we learn those things that we didn’t know before, we will then be better positioned to help others who might come to us in need.

FAITH ACTION:  Have the humility to realize that you do not have all the answers.  Don’t be afraid to listen to the thoughts and ideas of others.