Let’s Not Offend God

18 Nov

“Our society strives to avoid any possibility of offending anyone — except God.”  ~ Billy Graham

We are in a sad state of affairs in our world today.  People push the limits of “political correctness” in an attempt not to “offend” anyone.  In attempting to do so, they often offend others nonetheless.  In the process, we look more toward the world for our guide and values.

We have introduced and embraced all sorts of things that are contrary to our faith, contrary to natural law, and contrary to God.  Yet, very few people seem to care about that.  Offending God is all right as long as we keep the world happy and mollified?  That is definitely incorrect!

People seem to have lost the sense of responsibility when it comes to living the faith.  We are not to take our cue from the world.  We are to take our cue from God and from His Son, Jesus Christ, who taught us what we are to do and say.

Should we worry about offending others?  Well, yes, of course.  However, worrying about offending and caving when it comes to living the faith are two different things.  If the living of our Christian faith and principles offends others, so be it.

We have to stand up for the truth.  If we are not willing to proclaim the truth and live the faith, we do not have the right to call ourselves Christians.

FAITH ACTION:  Today, do what is right, good, and desirable in the eyes of God and not of the world.