Let It Show

6 Mar

“Show me your hands.  Do they have scars from giving? Show me your feet.  Are they wounded in service?  Show me your heart.  Have you left a place for divine love?”  ~ Blessed  Fulton Sheen

There are many people who talk a good game when it comes to living the faith.  They talk about the importance of serving the poor and the needy.  They talk about the need to celebrate Mass together as a community. They talk about the necessity of daily prayer.  They talk and they talk and they talk.  Sadly, that’s all they do.  They talk.

But when it comes right down to it, they are nowhere to be seen.  Are they out somewhere serving the poor and the needy?  No.  Do you see them at Masses on the weekend?  Afraid not.  Do they make and take time regularly to pray?  You know the answer to that as well.

Christianity is not a verbal sport.  We can’t talk and expect things to happen.  We must live our faith and live it to the fullest.  We must do so no matter the cost and no matter the inconvenience to us. We must live the faith completely even if it leads to suffering and death.  Why must we do this?  Jesus did and He calls us to do the same.

It’s very nice to hear someone tell us that we mean the world to them and that they would do anything for us.  However, if we find ourselves in real need and they are nowhere to be seen, what good were their words?  We receive no help and our self-worth diminishes.

If, on the other hand, someone tells us that we are valued and that they would do anything for us and they actually come to us in our need to help us out?  That makes us feel like a million bucks.  It helps our self-worth.  And it provides what we need at that moment as well.

Last Wednesday, we began the Season of Lent.  We were invited to look into our lives and see what is lacking within so that we can make the changes necessary to grow closer to God.  One of the best ways to monitor our progress is to ask ourselves whether or not we are growing closer to one another.

If we look out for one another and if we come to each other’s needs, we will draw closer to God because God dwells in all of His people. Don’t just tell God that He means the world to you.  Show God by serving others.

Our journey through Lent should challenge us.  It should also comfort us, knowing that we are doing our best to respond to God’s invitation to grow closer to Him.  By prayer an good works, may your Lenten journey be blessed beyond your wildest imaginings this year so that your celebration of Easter may be glorious.

FAITH ACTION:  Do all that you can this Lent to honor and serve the Lord by word and deed.