Impact The Life Of Another

30 Aug

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”  ~ Jackie Robinson

Too many people desire to impact the lives of others any way possible because all they crave is to be over others.  They want to be in charge.  They want to be in power.  They often do not care how they achieve their goal or how many people they may hurt along the way.  To them, ultimate power is the only goal that matters.

For anyone who claims to believe in God, we know that should not be the goal.  For starters, ultimate power is not the goal.  In addition, to hurt others along any path we take in our lives is reprehensible. Our goal, quite simply, is eternal life with Christ.  In order to get there, we have to embrace the values of Christ and live them out completely.

Nowhere in the list of Christly values is there permission to hurt another person or to use another person for our own gain.  We are challenged not to hurt but to build up those around us, to look out for their good, and to provide for what they are lacking.  Far from saying that other people do not matter, we are called to recognize everyone around us and to do all that we can to assist them in their search for God.

In short, we are all called to help each other get to heaven.  If that is our goal, we will only impact the lives of others in positive ways.  We would not even think of hurting others or using others for our own purposes.  If you truly want to be important, impact the lives of others in the most positive of ways today.

FAITH ACTION:  Make sure that the impact you make on another’s life is good, holy, and loving.