Immerse Yourself

1 May

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.”  ~ Bob Marley

I think today’s quote is appropriate for the celebration of not only St. Joseph the Worker but of the Blessed Virgin Mary throughout the month of May.  Why?  Neither of them just got wet.  They felt the rain.  There were more than believers in name only.

Believers in name only generally drop out when the going gets tough.  They may be good at talking the faith but they are far from exemplars of the faith.  When they are challenged, when it looks as if a price will have to be paid if they continue, they back down and you don’t hear from them anymore.  When they begin to get wet, they avoid the elements and dry off.

True believers don’t mind the storm.  They relish it, in fact.  Dry or drenched, they see what comes their way as an opportunity to live their faith to the full because they are living the faith not for themselves but to give honor and glory to the Lord.  When times get tough, they believe that they are being called upon to stand firm and be an example for others.

Mary was a young woman when the Angel Gabriel came to her and asked her if she would consent to be the mother of Jesus.  This was her time to “feel the rain”.  For years she prayed, as did her parents and all her ancestors, for the coming of the Messiah.  She was being given a very important role to play in His coming.  Not sure of all the implications, she was sure of her faith in God and she said yes.  She immersed herself in the mystery of God and brought the Messiah into the world.

Joseph was a man whose life was shaken to the core.  His intended bride told him that she was pregnant and they both knew the child was not his.  He decided to divorce Mary quietly so that she would not pay the penalty of the law, potentially being stoned to death.  But an angel told him in a dream that Mary wasn’t lying, that she was, indeed, carrying the Son of God and that Joseph was being asked to care of Him as well.  Not sure of all the implications, he took Mary as his bride and helped to raise Jesus.

When the going gets tough, some people run.  Others forage ahead.  If you get a little wet today, don’t brush off the water.  Rather, feel the rain.

FAITH ACTION:  Don’t just go through the actions, immerse yourself in your faith today.