I Want To See You Be Brave

14 May

“I wonder what would happen if you
Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave”
~ Sara Bareilles, Brave

I was on vacation last week and, as I was getting ready for dinner, I put on the television to see what was on.  As I channel surfed, I came across a music video that was playing.  It was from Sara Bareilles and was her 2013 music video of Brave.  It is a song about speaking up, speaking the truth, speaking what is really on your mind instead of succumbing to those who try to silence you.

I was thinking about that this morning as we prepare to celebrate the feast of St. Matthias. Matthias was chosen to fill the position of apostle that was left empty by the suicide of Judas Iscariot.  We do not know a lot about the man; but, we do know that he must have been known by the Christian community for his holiness.

As one of the witnesses of Jesus, he would have known Jesus from His baptism in the Jordan to His ascension.  At His ascension, Jesus commissioned His followers to go into the world and tell the Good News.  They were charged with continuing the mission that Jesus had begun.

Did the world want to hear that message, though?  The answer is pretty clear: No.  The world tried to silence the message and the messengers.  Christianity was quickly declared illegal.  Christians were put to death.  If they spoke the name of Jesus, they would be liable to persecution.  It was definitely a time for bravery.  They needed to speak out, no matter the consequences.

Thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  The Spirit gave the apostles the courage that they needed to be Jesus’ witnesses to the world.  The Spirit continues to give us the many gifts that we need to proclaim the Good News to a world that still attempts to silence it.  Don’t let the world win.  Don’t allow the world to silence you.  Let the words fall out.  Be brave.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God for the courage to speak His words when you are out and about today.