How Much Do You Trust God?

19 Dec

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” ~ Stephen Covey

Talk about trust. Mary’s relationship with God must have been solid for her to trust the way she did. Mary was only a teen, perhaps around sixteen, when the Angel Gabriel came to her and told her that God was asking her to be the mother of His Son. Mary. This simple girl who lived in a tiny community. This tiny community that knew everything about everyone. This community that could easily blow up any plans that Mary might have for her life if she were to say yes.

But Mary’s first thought was not what everyone else thought of her. Her first thought was that she was the handmaid of God and if God wanted something of her, anything of her, she would say yes to His will.

Trust was the glue of Mary’s life. It was what brought her closer to God. It was what brought Jesus into our world. It was what stayed with her as she fled to Egypt, as she watched her Child grow, as she fretted about the death threats against her Son, and as she stood at the foot of her Son’s cross. Her trust deepened her relationship with God day by day. She invites us to trust in Her Son as much as she did.

I am sure many of us think, “Wow. Mary. She did what I could never do.” However, we are all called to trust in God implicitly and completely. We will not be called to bring Jesus into the world physically as Mary did. However, we are called to bring Jesus into our world by our words and deeds. When people meet us, they should meet Jesus. If they do not meet Jesus, we should not call ourselves Christian.

Our relationship with God needs to be an “all in” kind of relationship. We cannot trust God halfway. We have to trust God completely, just as Mary did.

Mary, that pure virgin who said yes to God, changed the world forever. Her purity is often symbolized by a white lily and that is precisely the symbol that goes on the Jesse Tree today.

FAITH ACTION: Have you been struggling with saying yes to God’s will? Ask Him for the extra graces that you need to do so.