27 Aug

“Don’t go through life, grow through life.”  ~ Eric Butterworth

Boiled down a bit simplistically, you could say that there are two groups of people: those who count the days and those who celebrate each day.  We we count the days — or go through them, in Butterworth’s terminology — we miss a lot that happens.  We miss the opportunities that come our way.  We miss, most of all, the opportunity to grow.

When, on the other hand, we celebrate the days — or grow through life — we are keenly aware of all that the day has to offer and we use the day’s offerings for growth.  No day, then, could ever be said to be wasted.

God made us stewards of creation.  To waste a day is not good stewardship in any way, shape, or form.  To waste a day does a disservice to God, ourselves, and others.  To waste a day means that we will not grow or develop.  We would either remain the same or, even worse, diminish.  God would not want to see that happening to any of us.

Children are probably the best examples of growing through life.  There are very few children who merely go through life.  No.  They grab each day and wring it out for all it is worth.  Going outside to play  without having something in their hands?  No problem.  Anything outside can be used as a toy or an article for play and, therefore, education.  Gathering together with a group of friends?  Great adventures will abound.  Children are professionals at seizing the opportunities of the day.

Something happens to us as we get older.  We become more hesitant, more cautious.  We begin to examine things carefully and set things aside.  In doing so, we lose opportunities to explore, to learn, and to grow.  Sadly, this just seems to get worse for many as they get older.

Jesus asks us to open our eyes and to embrace all that comes our way in a day.  He asks us to recognize the people that come into our lives on a regular basis.  In reaching out to them to provide for their needs, we have the opportunity to develop and grow emotionally and spiritually.  There is so much that comes our way.  Don’t lose any of it today.

FAITH ACTION:  Begin the day with prayer.  Embrace the day as an opportunity for growth by living completely.