God Is

23 Sep

“God is, even though the whole world deny him. Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

There are people in the world, many people, who must believe that they can change the truth simply by speaking louder than others or repeating falsehoods over and over again.  However, no one can shout out the truth.  Speaking falsehood repeatedly is still falsehood.  The truth is the truth just as God is God.  We may not like it.  We may not want to accept it.  But that doesn’t change God or the truth.  They stand.  Firm.  Forever.

Why do people weary themselves raging against the truth or against God?  It doesn’t do them any good.  Even if they win over some followers, they will still have a rude awakening one day when they meet God face to face.

Have no doubt about it.  There is a God.  There is a meeting with God that will happen.  There is a  particular judgment that will take place for each and every one of us.  St. Paul reminded us so eloquently that each of us shall have to make an accounting of himself before God.  That is inescapable.

Realizing this is one thing.  Embracing it and living our faith completely is quite another.  When so many people attack our sacred truths, sometimes we cower in shame or embarrassment.  We are afraid to speak up for the truth.  If we do so, we fail to witness to the truth for the sake of others.  You see, people are watching.  Our witness can be very powerful.  Living for God, living the truth, can be a beacon of light in the darkness of the world.

Don’t be ashamed.  Don’t be frightened.  God is God.  Truth is truth.  God will be pleased that you were willing to stand up for the truth.

FAITH ACTION:  Stand up for the truth, stand up for God, by the manner in which you live your life today.