Give God The Gift Of Your Time

22 Apr

“Keep close to Nature’s heart … and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” ~ John Muir

John Muir must have been a kindred spirit to the first bishop of the Diocese of Gary, Andrew G. Grutka. Bishop Grutka, when acquiring the property that is now Camp Lawrence, posted the motto of the camp on a sign that is at the front entrance: Close to Nature, Close to God.

Muir stated that keeping close to Nature’s heart will help to wash your spirit clean. He was closer to the truth than he ever could have imagined because, if we believe that getting close to nature will help us get close to God, that closeness will, indeed, wash our spirits clean.

The trouble with that proposition — Close to Nature, Close to God — is time. We have to make time to get close to our God. If we were to tell the truth, we would have to admit that we are horrible when it comes to making time for such things. If you checked the calendars of most people, you would find all sorts of plans, plans that do not include any kind of worship.

Attendance is down at churches of all faiths. There is no real reason for it, though there are plenty of excuses. The person who states, “The weather was awful”, is the person who made sure to pack up the family and leave the house early in order to get to a sport’s event, a concert, or some other recreational event. But the weather was “too bad” for church. When the weather is perfect, attendance drops even more because everybody is outside enjoying the temps and laying out on the beach, going to the park, going for walks or drives.

Time. It is the greatest gift that God has ever given to us. When we were born, we came with an “expiration date”. We have a predetermined number of days here on earth before God calls us back home. God gave us those days to use and to enjoy. However, those days should also include time spent with the One who gave them to us.

Start your day with a “Thank You” to God who gave it to you. Spend some time with God during the day asking Him for help or praising Him for something that went well. Before sleeping, thank God for the gift of the day and ask Him to be with you in your tomorrows.

FAITH ACTION: Spend some quality time with God today, thankful for His gift to you.

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  1. Time, what a profound statement for us humans. Everyone thinks that they have an endless amount until our expiration date arrives. Your comments and insights are always helpful and thought provoking. Thanks for putting in the “time” to teach us so well.

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