Find Your Answers In The Lord

16 Oct

“Never lie in bed at night asking yourself questions you can’t answer.” ~ Charles M. Schulz

You know, that guy who created Charlie Brown sure knew what he was talking about!  His strips incorporated much psychology and much theology.  His strips made people think about life and love and God.  One of my favorites was A Charlie Brown Christmas when Linus spoke about the true meaning of Christmas.

His advice for today is just as sage:  “Never lie in bed at night asking yourself questions you can’t answer.”  If only I would listen to that advice, I might be able to sleep better at night.  I often think and rethink the day I just experienced and then think and rethink the next day.  I fritter and fret away a lot of hours of my life on my back asking myself questions that I know cannot be answered.

At those times, I must admit, I am the one doing all the pondering, all the seeking, all the asking.  And, as long as I am admitting things, the person to whom the questions are addressed at those times of sleeplessness would be me.  If I would direct the questions to the right person — Jesus — I would be able to let Him have my stress, my doubts, my conflicts and do with them as He wills.  Yet, somewhere deep within, there are times that I tell myself that I have to take care of it all.

Are we not all like that at one time or another in our lives?  Do we not all depend upon ourselves too much and upon Jesus too little?  Would we not be better off if we simply turned over our doubts, fears, and frustrations to the Lord and let Him handle things?

The soul within us says, “Absolutely”.  The mortal nature that encapsulates that soul says, “No, you’d better leave it up to yourself.”  That great conflict is carried within each and every one of us and that great conflict needs to be resolved.  It can only be resolved in the Lord.

This day and tonight, when you are prepared to fret away more time asking questions that have no answers, simply hand them off to the Lord, turn off your light, and go fast asleep.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask the Lord to give you the grace that you need to depend upon Him rather than yourself.