Enjoy What You Have

9 Mar

“Happiness is not about getting all you want, it is about enjoying all you have.”
~ Unknown

There are so many people in our world who do not, who cannot, appreciate what they have.  The reason for that is quite simple:  they are too busy looking for more and, in the process, unable to see what they already possess.  Those are sad kinds of people, in my opinion.

It doesn’t take a lot to make us happy.  I have seen a lot of people in my life who have almost nothing to their name, yet, they are incredibly happy.  When someone tries to give them reasons to be unhappy, they counter with all their reasons to be happy.  For example,
“You don’t have a car” –> “Thank God I can walk”
“You don’t have a well-paying job” –> “Thank God I have a job”
“Your child didn’t get into an ivy league college” –> “My child makes me proud”
“You never go on vacation” –> “I enjoy my friends in the neighborhood”

It is virtually impossible to rattle the people who truly acknowledge their many gifts and blessings.  They never look for more.  They are content with what they have.  More than content, they would claim that they have plenty.  They, even if it looks to us as if they have not, generally give more of themselves and their possessions than those who have an overabundance.

It’s not about the stuff.  It’s not about the number of accolades.  It’s not about the number of friends.  It’s not about the number of vacation homes.  It’s about acknowledging what we have been given and being truly appreciative for what we have.

True appreciation leads to pure joy and pure joy can never be taken away from us.

FAITH ACTION:  Make a mental note of all that God has given to you and thank Him for His wondrous gifts.