Down With Negativity

10 Feb

“Stay away from negative people.  They have a problem for every solution.”
~ Albert Einstein

If I am having a bad day, there are certain people that I am going to want to avoid because they are always so negative and their negativity will do nothing but bring me down.  It is hard enough dealing with their negativity when I am having a good day.  Negativity, we all know, eats away at us.  It eats away at everything.

Sadly, negativity appears to be a part of our human nature.  Because the world is steeped in sin, there are so many things that are wrong.  If we focus upon them too long or too often, we can allow negativity to form in us as well.  Einstein reminds us that negativity causes us to look for the bad in situations rather than for the good.

There is a lot wrong with our world.  Yes.  That is true.  However, there is also a lot right with our world as well.  There is a lot of good.  There is a lot of beauty.  There is a lot of promise.  If we focus upon the good around us, we will be able to allow the positive to guide us rather than the negative.

Some of that does come down to choice.  We have to choose to stay away from the negative whether it be experiences or people.  Embracing negativity will not get us where we want to go.  All the great saints whom we admire knew this.  They did everything in their power to avoid that which would bring them down.  They kept their eyes fixed on the Lord even in extremely harsh circumstances.  They were victorious because of that.

The world would like us to think that they failed.  The would would like us to think that their fight was in vain because, after all, they died.  Some were ever put to death.  If we accept that negative view from the world, we will shy away from God.  We will be afraid to commit to Him.

Hold your ground today.  Focus on the Lord.  Toss aside anything that encourages you to embrace negativity and remain confident in the Lord.

FAITH ACTION:  Do not allow yourself to be mired down by negativity today.