Don’t Become Lost

15 Feb

“Those who pray, have hope.  Those who pray little, are in great danger.  Those who do not pray, are lost.”  ~ attributed to St. Padre Pio

One of the easiest ways to lose a friendship is to quit communicating with another person.  We may have experienced that more than once in our lives.  We may have had a good friend with whom we would spend a lot of time and share everything that was going on in our lives.  Perhaps work schedules or time commitments began to eat away at the time that we had to spend with one another.  We would then resort to the telephone to keep up.

After a while, our conversations would become scarcer.  Before we knew it, we no longer kept up and did not even have a desire to do so.  We simply wrote them off as a friend and put them on our “former friend” list.

Prayer is communication with the Lord.  If we do not make time to communicate with God, we risk the danger of cutting ourselves off from Him.  Before we know it, we might end up putting Jesus on the “former friend” list and that would not only be sad or dangerous, it would make us lost.

We need the Lord’s love and friendship.  We need to cultivate that friendship by spending good, quality time with Him.  Nothing else should be allowed to get in the way of our regular conversations with the Lord.  They are what keep us on an even keel.  They are what give us courage.  They are what keep us from danger.  They are the only sure way not to become lost.

If your conversations with the Lord have become minimal and you find that you are not spending the time with Him that you used to, you will probably note that the incidents and frequency of committing sin have increased in your lives.  Saturday afternoons at most parishes offer one the opportunity to go to confession.  If that is something you feel your soul needs, please go.

FAITH ACTION:  Keep your prayer life strong so that you do not place your soul in jeopardy.