Did You Wake Up Alive This Morning?

25 Nov

“It was not your alarm clock that woke you up this morning.  It was God’s love and mercy.”  ~ Unknown

“Master of my own destiny!”  That is the title plaque that most of us would want to have on our office desk or hanging on the walls of our homes.  We are trained from a very early age to take charge of our lives and to claim all the credit that we can along the way.  We become so good at it that we delude ourselves into thinking that everything that comes our way is because we made it happen.  We take God out of the equation and do not render any thanks to Him.

The fact of the matter is that God is the source of our lives.  He is the one who keeps us in existence.  He is the one who has endowed us with the gifts and talents that we possess.  Without God’s love and beneficence, we would be nothing.  Literally.  His love is what brought us into existence.  We certainly did not create ourselves.

It is the tainted world in which we live that attempts to draw our attention away from God.  The world tells us that we can be masters of our own destinies, that we do not need others — including God — to help us along the way.  That fragile, fallible, sinful world is oh so wrong.

God woke us up this morning for a reason.  It was not to take advantage of others.  It was not to lie or cheat or steal.  It was not to promote ourselves while downplaying the roles of others. No.  It was to build up the people of His Kingdom and to take responsibility for our actions.  It was to walk hand in hand with our God and to open our eyes to His reality all around us.

God woke us all to a great big beautiful day.  Let us give Him thanks and praise!

FAITH ACTION:  Do not claim today’s successes as your own doing.  Give credit to the Lord today for all that He will do for you.