Death Cannot Hold Us Down

12 Dec

O brighter than the rising morn when He, victorious, rose
and left the lonesome place of death, despite the rage of foes.

Death could not hold Jesus Christ. He was the second Person of the Trinity, the Son of God. How could death have any hold on the author of life? Sin and death may have thought that it had a shot at it and it certainly threw its worst at Jesus; however, in the final analysis, sin and death just are not strong enough to be victorious against Jesus Christ.

Remember that. Call it to mind every day. Remind yourself of that at all times. Sin and death cannot be victorious against you if you allow God into your life and if you ask God to help you fight your battle against sin and death.

Sin and death know our weakness. It knows that we are souls in these frail, mortal bodies living on an earth that has been impacted by original sin. Our frailty often gets in the way of our relationship with God. We are prone to reach for the easy way, the pleasurable way, and the way that leads to immediate gratification. We do not like to focus on the long haul. We prefer the immediate. That is what sin and death promise to us.

The only problem is that, if we opt for the immediate, we find ourselves swerving off the path that leads to the Kingdom. Jesus Himself told us in the Gospels that the path to the Kingdom was narrow and that we would be led astray if we took our eyes off of it. Let us do all that we can to keep our eyes focused on the Lord today, asking Him for the grace that we need to hold firm.

FAITH ACTION: Ask God to help you face your weakness and give you strength to fight temptation. Consider going to confession this afternoon.