Create A Sense Of Hope

5 Dec

“The word advent means ‘expectation.’ What advent can do for us is create a sense of hope.” ~ Louie Giglio

The word advent means expectation. Expectation means eager anticipation. Hope means to wish for a particular event: an expectation, eager anticipation, and wishing for a particular event that one considers possible. These all define a believer. When we nourish our faith in Jesus Christ, we are filled with joyful anticipation and live our lives expectantly as we long for what we consider possible: eternal life with God.

Yes. Eternity with God is possible. It hinges, however, upon our response to God’s invitation to us to be faithful to His commands and to trust His Word, the Word who is Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus came among us as one of us in the glorious mystery of the Incarnation to show us that we are cherished by Him and that He wants us closer to Him.

The best way to get closer to our Lord is to serve Him in all the people we meet in our lives. Yes, all the people. Not just the people we like. But the stranger as well. And the obnoxious. And the drifter. And the, well, you get the picture.

When we reach out to others, we minister to the Lord. When we reach out to others in need regardless of whether or not we like them or know them, we foster a greater sense of hope in their hearts. If they see us caring for them, they might begin to believe that God loves them and will care for them as well.

To introduce someone to the possibility of the love of God is a great gift that we can give to them. Doing so creates and fosters a sense of hope for others. In the process, it strengthens our relationship with God and nurtures our hope as well.

FAITH ACTION: Pray for those who have lost or given up hope that they may open themselves up to the hope brought to them by Jesus Christ.