Choose To Trust

28 Aug

“Faith isn’t a feeling.  It’s a choice to trust God even when the road ahead seems uncertain.”  ~ Toby McKeehan

I don’t think any of us would have predicted what 2020 would have turned out to be thus far.  We went into the New Year as we do any other year.  It was celebration, fireworks, and promise.  The year then progressed to become pandemic-laden and worrisome.  So many people have no idea how long this pandemic will last nor how long it will take to find some kind of vaccine for COVID-19.  Until that time, it seems as if we live in a constant state of alarm.

Living that way wears at us and grinds us down.  People begin to develop all sorts of nervous conditions.  We begin to mistrust other people and information that comes our way.  We have heard so many versions of the story that we do not know what to believe or whom to trust.

This can easily seep into our faith lives as well.  We don’t know how our lives are going to unfold and we have no idea when the Lord is going to call us.  We can begin to doubt God just as much as we doubt any news and/or information that comes our way.

We need faith.  Lots of it.  Faith is a gift that is given to us by God and it’s a gift that each and every one of us can choose to accept or decline.  I suggest that you accept the faith that God is giving to you today because faith will help us to trust God in the midst of all the uncertainties of life.

We will still not know how long the pandemic will last or how our lives will unfold.  However, in a sense, it won’t matter because while we don’t know those answers, we will know that God is at our side and that He will never leave us.  For your own peace of mind, do all that you can to embrace your faith and trust in the Lord.

FAITH ACTION:  Ask God for the faith that you need to trust in Him in the midst of all the uncertainty of life.