Change Your Life

31 May

“Your mind is a powerful thing.  When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.”  ~ Unknown

We all have at least one of “those friends” who always seem to set their minds on doom and gloom and, in the process, have their lives filled with doom and gloom.  They are the ultimate examples of self-fulfilling prophecies.  It really is true that whatever we set our minds upon will have a good chance of coming about, for good or for ill.

Our minds are powerful things.  They are also great gifts.  They need to be appreciated for the gifts that they are and used appropriately.  If we set our minds to the wrong things, we can quickly take ourselves down the wrong paths and end up in a bad place in life.  If, on the other hand, we set our minds on the right things, our choices will reflect our mindset and we will find ourselves feeling good about who we are and the choices that we have made.

Many Christians sit around and wait for the Lord to change them.  However, they do nothing to usher that change along.  They simply wait for God to step into their lives somehow and shake everything up for the better.  Would it not make more sense to take an active approach to change our lives?  Would we not be better off by setting our minds on the Lord so that everything that we do and say will reflect that upon which we think?

If you find yourself in a position you would rather not be in, if you are unhappy with things in your life, if you are looking for some kind of change, set your mind to that change.  Fix upon your goal and then do everything that you can to make that goal come about.

FAITH ACTION:  Set your mind to doing good for others today and follow through on those thoughts.