Are You Headed In The Right Direction?

22 May

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”  ~ Jim Rohn

There are many times in life that we lament over the fact that we feel as if we have no control.  We may not be in control of job expectations or our salary.  We may not be in control of our health history.  We may not be in control of people moving in and out of our lives.

While we might not be in control of some of the matters listed above, we are in complete control of our spiritual lives.  We choose when and how we are going to worship.  We choose how we are going to pray.  We choose to what degree we will involve ourselves in service to others.  Those choices should reflect a clear and steady course to the Kingdom.  If what we are doing does not look as if they are keeping us moving in the right direction, we need to take corrective action and get ourselves back on course.

We might not  be able to do a complete turn around immediately; however, we can at least initiate a course correction.  If we feel that our prayer life is flagging, we can choose to begin something different.  By taking up meditation or contemplation, we might be able to add a dimension to our prayer life that we did not have before.  If we feel that our service to others is minimal, we can volunteer to help someone with a problem or a project.  It might not be full time ministry somewhere; but, it is enough to get us going in the right direction.

None of this can or should be initiated by others.  After all, they do not know who we are deep within nor do they know the present relationship we have with God.  We are the only ones who know whether what we are doing is enough and we are the ones who can make the changes necessary.

We might not be able to change the direction we are headed overnight; but, we sure can alter our course.  A little bit today, a little bit more tomorrow, and a little bit more the days after that are all it takes to help us go aright once again.

FAITH ACTION: Perform a good spiritual self-inventory today.  Does the direction you are headed look right to you?  If not, initiate a change in course.