Are You Brave Enough?

24 Aug

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”  ~ Stephen King

Stephen King, that prolific author of horror stories as well as other novels, often speaks about his life, his early ambitions, and his hopes.  It is not easy writing and even more difficult to become an established author.  That is enough to fuel anxiety and it keeps many would-be authors from attempting to publish.  His solution to the question of whether someone should that that chance?  “You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.”

His solution is one that we should adopt for our lives in the Church.  Many times, people hesitate to become involved in ministry.  They say that they are not good enough or not worthy enough.  They say that they are afraid of making mistakes.  They say that they do not want to say the wrong thing to people.  And they allow those fears and anxieties to keep them from doing anything in the faith.  They stay to themselves and people are deprived of seeing the faith that is alive within them.

There are others who have taken the plunge.  They were fearful; but, found out that they were able to do the work.  In doing the work, they found out that they were able to touch lives, sometimes, many lives.  And, in the doing, they also found out that the people they served touched their lives as well and they were able to grow deeper in the faith.  Their faith validated, they were able to go to deeper levels in their relationship with the Lord.

God calls us to the deep end.  He calls us to plumb the depths of His love.  He does not want us merely to dip our toes in the water or stay in the shallow end.  He is calling you to deeper levels of trust in Him.  Are you brave enough to meet His challenge?

FAITH ACTION:  Have you been putting off doing something more for the Lord?  Is today the day to begin?