Are We Worth Remembering?

29 Apr

“Do something worth remembering.”  ~ Elvis Presley

There is something that sits in the core of most people: the need and/or desire to be noticed, to be recognized, to be remembered.  We go to great lengths to garner the attention of others.  We want nothing more than to have people remember what we have said or done.  We want to know that we have made a difference, that we have contributed something, that we have, in short, established a legacy for ourselves.

That is why so many are “in your face” kind of people.  They want to make sure you see them.  They might be quite obnoxious; but, to them, they are getting what they wanted.  Sadly, they do not realize that the attention that they are getting is negative rather than positive.  Who wants to be remembered as the “obnoxious boor” or the “persistent pain” or the “person who thought he knew everything?”

In every recipe, it seems, there is that “one ingredient”, that “magic ingredient” that makes the finished product as tasty as it is.  If we want to leave behind a legacy that counts, the magic ingredient quite simply is “something worth remembering.”  We should not go for quantity, we should go for quality.  If we are going to do something, it should be worth something.

Jesus said it in a slightly different way:  If you want to be the best, be the servant of all.  That is where the Lord put “worth”.  Jesus did not say that, if you wanted to be successful, you should be the one with the most wealth, with the most possessions, with the most friends, or with the most slaves.  No.  He said, you should be the servant of all.

That is how you can establish your legacy.  Get busy.

FAITH ACTION:  Do not rest on your laurels.  Instead, make sure that you get busy doing the Lord’s work today.