Are We Ever Alone?

20 May

“The hardest walk is walking alone but it’s also the walk that makes you strongest.”
~ Unknown

If you have never had the feeling that you were walking all alone, it just means that you are very young because, I truly believe, every person has that feeling at one time or another in life.  In school, we most often had that feeling when we decided to do or say something that the rest of “the pack” didn’t endorse.

We often ran in groups and our actions were dictated, by and large, by the whole.  If a new person came into the school, that person had a hard time being accepted if groups would not welcome him or her.  And if you were a member of the group who reached out to someone, you would find yourself on the outs because you went against the group.  Peer pressure was horrible in those kinds of circumstances.

Later in life, we might have found ourselves walking alone at work when we decided that we might go against what supervisors or coworkers might be saying or doing.  Doing so may have got us in trouble or it may have positioned us for a raise or bonus.  Either way, others would treat us differently.

We might find ourselves walking alone in our faith lives as well.  As we grow closer to the Lord, we might find ourselves drifting from family or friends who are still rather worldly or just not in the same place in their relationships with God.  It seems kind of frightening and lonely when that happens because we often wonder who we will have as our spiritual companion.

I see someone raising His hand volunteering to be a companion:  Jesus.

We never have to worry about walking alone, though we might often feel as if we are.  Those are the times to quit looking to the world for support and to look more to the Lord for the company that we need to walk along the way.  Our human senses might be telling us that we are alone.  Our spiritual sense informs us that God is with us.  Count on that.  Count on Him.  If you do, you will never be alone.

FAITH ACTION:  If everyone else is walking away from the Lord, do not be afraid to walk alone this day.