All Are Affected

12 Nov

In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.”  Jose Narosky

Since Veterans Day fell on Sunday this year, today is the day designated by the government for Veterans Day to be observed.  As such, I thought it would be appropriate to remember one of the many reasons why we need to pray for all of our veterans:  they have all been affected by their service.  Whether or not a person has actually gone into war, whether or not a person has engaged in conflict, whether or not a person has served one tour or several, all are affected by their service.  Just the possibility of engaging in conflict with an enemy is enough to raise the stress level of anyone.

We often think about our “wounded warriors”, and rightly so.  However, if all we do is focus on those who are obviously wounded, we forget all of those who have been affected by their service and who may look as if they are carrying no wounds.  In fact, they may be carrying a huge emotional burden that is unseen.

When we pray for our veterans, we need to remember to pray for all of our veterans, that they find the peace in their lives for which they search and that they receive the consolation or help that they may need.  For their service has given us a great gift: freedom.  We all know that freedom has come at a price, sometimes a tremendous price.

FAITH ACTION:  If you know any veterans, seek them out today and thank them for their service. In addition, pray for all veterans, that they know peace in their lives.