An Ingredient For Happiness

7 Feb

“Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind.”  ~ Unknown

As human beings, we are flawed from the moment of our conception.  When we are born, we begin to interact with the world and our interactions can be positive and happy or negative and fearful.  We want to feel happy.  We want to feel good.  We don’t want to experience anything negative.  But our frail human nature holds on to that desire at a price, the happiness of others.

That’s right.  We focus on ourselves and we often deprive others of the same things that we want.  So we snap at others.  We withhold from others.  We deny others.  We ridicule others. All in the name of making ourselves feel better.  But do we?  Not really because some of the people we hurt are people we care about.

We can have happiness even if we share happiness.  We can have wonderful experiences even if we provide the same for others.  We can have positivity and love even as we give positivity and love away.  Actually, we have positivity and love because we give positivity and love away.  That is what we all need to learn

Want to be happy today?  Don’t snap at others.  Don’t look down on others.  Don’t give them a piece of your mind.  Instead, open your heart wide and give love to others freely.  Just wait to see what comes back to you in return!

FAITH ACTION:  Lead with your heart in all things today.