The Loneliest Walk

13 Jan

“The loneliest walk you’ll ever take is the one down the road of grief.”  ~ Unknown

Fridays hold a special place in the hearts of all believers because it was on a Friday that Jesus Christ died on a cross.  As such, we are called to perform some act of penance to acknowledge and atone for our sins, the sins which placed Jesus on the cross.  Before the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church used to have a universal penance:  meatless Fridays.  However, the Council Fathers realized that, for many people, refraining from eating meat was hardly penance at all.  I digress, however, from the intent of today’s reflection.

Grief is a way of life.  When we lose a loved one, our world changes forever.  Yes, there will be a time when things get back to a somewhat regular routine but it will never be a normal one because the loss of a loved one changes the norm.  The norm was having a loved one present.  The norm was being able to speak to a loved one.  That norm is changed with the death of a loved one.

When we grieve the loss of a loved one, we walk a lonely road.  There are others who may be in our lives and who will try to help us or comfort us.  However, their words and actions will never really supply all that we need.  The presence of others might only be short-term as well.  They may have come in from out of town.  Even if they are local, they will soon go back to their daily routines and leave us to ourselves.

Yes, our grief is a lonely walk.  Even if others walk with us, they cannot know exactly what we think or feel.  The only one who can do so is God and it is often in the midst of our grief — when we need God the most — that we push Him out of our lives.

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one and are in need of comfort and support, don’t be afraid to turn to the Lord.  He is with you right here and now and desires to help share the burden of your suffering.

FAITH ACTION:  Turn to the Lord in your need and pray for those who suffer the loss of loved ones.