Our Walk With God

8 Sep

“My walk on the moon lasted three days. My walk with God will last forever.”  ~ Charles Duke

Whatever we do in our lives, there always comes a time to walk away from it.  It might have been something that we had longed our entire lives to see but, given the span of time, it became necessary to leave it behind.  All the work that went into becoming a proficient sports person, all the hours perfecting surgery, all those miles flown, they all stopped because we could no longer do it.

Perhaps our joints gave way after the physical abuse received playing sports.  Perhaps our hands could no long hold a scalpel without tremoring.  Perhaps our sight began to fail us, inhibiting the ability to fly.  Whatever the case, it seems like most everything hoped for one day becomes a memory rather than a reality.

While we may say goodbye to most everything we do in life, there is one goodbye we will not have to make and that is in our relationship with our Lord.  Our relationship matures each day and keeps us steadfast.  We will never have to come to the conclusion that we can no longer keep up a relationship with God.

Oh, we might have to change things up a bit.  Maybe our arthritic hands won’t be able to hold a rosary or maybe our eyesight will no longer be able to read our prayer books but our heart will always be able to hold the Lord deep within.

While you work on becoming proficient in your worldly aspirations, don’t forget to take time to be just as proficient, if not much more, in your relationship with the Lord.  That is the only thing that has the possibility of lasting.  For eternity.

FAITH ACTION:  Whether it be in prayer, spiritual reading, or good works, make sure to schedule time to walk with God today.