Embrace Them All

29 Jul

“Some people come in your life as blessings.  Some come in your life as lessons.”  ~ St. Teresa of Calcutta

There are times that I identify with one of the Charlie Brown cartoons where Linus is sitting on the ground in frustration, holding his blanket, and exclaiming, “I love mankind.  It’s people I can’t stand!”  I’ve met all sorts of people in my life now.  They have come from all walks of life.  Some have been kind, some have been surly, and some, well, some I would rather not have met.  However, no matter what kind of person they were, I had to interact with them.

It helps greatly if we can see each person as gift even if we would rather not be around them.  There is always a lesson to be learned in interacting with others.  We can become better versions of ourselves sometimes by being challenged by another.  If we avoid people, though, we will not have that option to become better.

Some people truly are blessings.  Others are lessons.  But all are gifts from God.  Remember, God created us in His own image and likeness.  God dwells in every person we encounter.  We can receive something good from all people.  We may not recognize it right away but there is something of a blessing in all everyone.

Do your best not to avoid.  Instead, do your best to embrace, welcome, and cherish each person for what they bring to you, good or bad, blessing or lesson.

FAITH ACTION:  Embrace all the people who come into your life today as the gifts that they are from God.