24 Jul

“You are never alone. You are eternally connected with everyone.”  ~ Amit Ray

There are many times in our lives that we feel utterly alone.  We think that everyone has abandoned us, that no one will ever be there for us, and that there is very little hope.  The truth could not be further from that thought, however.

We are never truly alone.  If we feel that way, it might be because our mind is imposing that thought upon us.  We have many people in our lives.  As Ray reminds us, “we are eternally connected with everyone.”  As brothers and sisters in the Lord, we have a connection that can never be severed.  We are all linked to one another past, present, and future.  The ultimate link in that chain is God Himself.

Since we have God connected to us, we most certainly cannot say that we are alone.  Even if we are the only person in the room, God is with us.  He is next to us.  He extends a listening ear so that we can pour ourselves out to Him.  He is compassionate and He is eternally patient.  He has no problem waiting for us to recognize His presence and respond to it.

When we feel alone, we often push others out of our lives.  We forget the many things they have done for us and the many times they have been there for us.  Those are the times we need to turn to God and ask Him to remind us about the countless people who have significantly touched our lives.

If you feel alone, close your eyes and call upon the Lord.  Call Him by whatever name you use when you are most in need:  God, Jesus, Lord, Daddy, Father, Spirit.  He goes by many names but the reality is one and the same.  He is pure love and we are always connected to Him.

FAITH ACTION:  Call to mind the many people who have made a significant difference in your life and thank God for them.