Go Beyond

30 Jun

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”  ~ Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, born Lee Jun-fan in 1940, did much to change the way people viewed Asians both in the movies as well as in society.  He is probably most noted for his role in five movies.  Lee had a “never say die” attitude.  He would work continuously perfecting himself knowing that there was never really perfection because there was always one more level that he could attain.

If we would consider adopting his philosophy, we would probably be better off for it.  We should never be satisfied where we are at in our faith lives.  There is always something more that we can do and there are still deeper levels to reach in terms of our relationship with God. If we think about that, we know it to be true.

How many people are satisfied with their relationship with God?  I would dare say that if anyone is satisfied, that would be the first indication of a stagnant spiritual life.  We should never be fully satisfied.  We could be confident in our spiritual lives but confidence and satisfied are two entirely different realities.  While we are confident that we are with the Lord and the Lord is with us, we should not be satisfied with that relationship because we know that there are still deeper levels of trust, devotion, and prayer that we can attain.

The problem that many people get into in their spiritual lives is that they feel as if they are constantly working at their lives and they do not feel that they ever “arrive”.  Because of this, some tend to give up, thinking that God is disappointed with them for failing.  God is pleased with our efforts and shows us His love unconditionally.  Yet, He calls us to be perfected and that means doing even more, praying even more, sacrificing even more.

It might feel a bit useless or frustrating here on earth because the world is all about immediate gratification.  However, if we continue to pour ourselves into our relationship with the Lord and do all that we can do to push ahead, eternity with God will be all the reward that we could possibly want.

FAITH ACTION:  If you find that you’ve hit the wall in your spiritual life, push on today.  Go beyond what you thought was your limit.